Restart Grants

Updated 1 July 2021 

This scheme has now closed, and no further applications can be made.

The Government has announced grants to help businesses reopen as lockdown eases. The grants can only be paid to the person or business that is liable for business rates on the property on 1 April 2021. 

We will need to carry out extra checks and confirm a few details with each business before we can make payment of the grant. We have now emailed every business for which we have information, and are working through their replies. The Government has told us that all payments need to be made by the end of July. If we ask you for more information, please make sure you provide it as soon as possible, as we will not be able to pay your business after this date.

How much will I get?

The amount of grant will depend on the rateable value of the property on 1 April 2021, and also the nature of the business that is occupying the property.
Restart grants amount of funding
Rateable value (RV) Non-essential retail  Hospitality, leisure, accommodation,
personal care, gyms and sport 
Less than or exactly £15,000 £2,667 £8,000 
More than £15,000 but less than £51,000 £4,000 £12,000
Exactly £51,000 or higher £6,000 £18,000

This table gives examples of the types of business that fall into each category.

Type of business restart grant
Business category Examples of type of business 
Non-essential retail Betting offices
Departmental stores
Markets (other than livestock)
Sales kiosks
Showrooms - for example, kitchen, bathroom, tile, glazing
Tobacco and vape stores
Antiques stores
Sales offices
Travel agents
Electronic goods and mobile phone shops
Clothes shops
Book shops
Auction rooms
Car auction
Car showrooms
Car supermarkets
Car washes (standalone)
Car/caravan sales/display/hiring sites
Charity shops
Carpet stores
Furniture shops
Sofa shops
Homeware shops
Plant nurseries
Stationery shops
Gift shops
Make-up shops
Animal groomers
Sweet shops
Photography studios
Hospitality Food courts
Public houses/pub restaurants
Roadside restaurants
Wine bars
Leisure Bingo halls
Bowling alleys
Casinos and gambling clubs
Ice rinks
Museums and art galleries
Roller skating rings
Stately homes and historic houses
Zoos and safari parks
Amusement parks
Pleasure piers
Conference centres
Exhibition centres including for use as banquet halls and other events
Wedding venues
Events venues
Heritage railways
Public halls
Nightclubs and discotheques
Hostess bars
Sexual entertainment venues
Shisha bars, waterpipe consumption venues
Concert halls
Go kart rinks
Model villages
Tourist attractions
Miniature railways
Theme parks
Amusement arcades, including adult gaming centres
Animal attractions at farms
Wildlife centres
Botanical gardens
Visitor attractions at film studios
Soft play centres or areas
Indoor riding centres
Clubs and institutions
Village halls and scout huts, cadet huts and so on. 
Accommodation Caravan parks
Caravan sites and pitches
Chalet parks
Coaching inns
Country house hotels
Guest and boarding houses
Holiday apartments, cottages or bungalows
Boarding houses
Canal boats or other vessels
Bed and breakfasts
Catered holiday homes
Holiday homes
Personal care Spas, sauna and steam rooms
Hairdressing salons
Tanning salons
Nail salons
Massage centres, massage treatments
Tattoo and piercing studios
Holistic therapy (reflexology, massage, acupuncture)
Barbers, groomers
Beauty salons
Beauticians, aesthetics
Other non-surgical treatments
Gyms and sport Dance schools and centres
Dance studios
Gymnasia/fitness suites
Cricket centres
Ski centres
Sports and leisure centres
Outdoor sports centres
Outdoor adventure centres
Squash courts
Tennis centres
Sports courts
Swimming pools
Shooting and archery venues
Driving ranges
Water sport centres
Golf courses

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